Plasti dip is made to last for up to 3 years without retouching it. However, to get it to last for this duration, ensure that the coating is done by a professional.


In this article, we will be talking about “How long does plasti dip last”. You also get information about everything you need to know about getting a plasti dip.

What is a plasti dip?

Plasti Dip is a rubber coating that is applied to cars to make them have a certain color. Plasti dip is usually used in place of an automotive paint job to achieve a new look and color. They are various plasti dip colors to pick from. Plasti dips on cars also prevent damages from corrosion, moisture and acids.

In addition, plasti dips are easy to peel off, which means that you can remove them at any time you want. This allows users to switch up the colors frequently.

What determines how long plasti dip last?

How long does plasti dip last on car emblems? Usually a plasti dip lasts for up to three years but there are a number of factors that affect how long the rubber coating lasts.

Firstly, it is important to spray the coating in the appropriate manner. Plasti dip is very durable in most cases. One of factors that determine how long the spray will last is the distance between the spray and the car when spraying.

Another factor is the number of spray. Double spray coats last longer than a single spray coat.

How well does plasti dip hold up to the elements?

Plasti dip is resistant to all the elements your car is bound to come in contact with. It protects your car on the hottest days and also the roughness in winter time.

How to properly apply a plasti dip?

Work your way up slowly with the spray to ensure that it is applied properly.  Keep a distance of 8 inches to allow the spray reach important areas.

In addition, allow time for the first layer of spray to dry before moving on to the second layer. This takes about 30 minutes.

Ensure that you use a generous amount when spraying. The more the spray, the longer it lasts. There is no recommended number of times to spray but it is advisable to spray up to five times.

Lastly, ensure that you clean the surface of the car before spraying. Keep the surface free from dirt and grease for a lasting job.

When to replace plasti dip?

As soon as you notice that a certain layer is peeling off, then it is time for a respray. Respray all parts to leave your car looking fresh. Also apply plasti dip on rims to protect them.


With all you know about plasti dip you are ready to get your car sprayed. Ensure that you use the right coating and spray bottle. Consider consulting with an expert to know more about this.



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