A NCCER certification lasts for a period of five years. This certification is required for certain jobs which makes it a must have for most people.

In this article, we will be talking about all you need to know about the NCCER certification and how it can aid your search for a job.

What is an NCCER Certification?

NCCER which stands for National Center Construction Education and Research is a non-profit education organization.  The organization was created as a result of a collaboration of 125 construction CEOs and Academic professionals.

The organization was created with the aim of building a sustainable workforce which is safe, productive and comprises of craft professionals.

NCCER offers certification for entry level and journey-level craftsmen.  NCCER certification tests individuals’ knowledge of a particular craft area. There is also a NCCER certification for foremen and supervisors to test their experience.

How to get an NCCER Certification?

NCCER certification can be gotten through a series of training and assessment.  The cost of the program varies, depending on the type of assessment to be carried out. 

NCCER certification can be gotten after completing a series of task test. The process is listed below

The first step is to enroll in a heavy equipment training course. This can be done be joining an heavy equipment training school that offers the NCCER certification.  You can search the state in search of schools that offer the training.

The second step is to take the training course which is provided by the school. After completing the training course, you also have to undergo written assessment and performance verification assessment.

After the completion of the course and the assessment that follow, you are presented with your certificate. The certificate only takes a few days to arrive.

What are the levels of NCCER credentials?

There are three levels for NCCER which are listed below

Heavy equipment operation level 1

This is an introduction to trade if heavy equipment and their operation. Other tasks include equipment operation, identification and safety protocols.

Heavy equipment level 2

This includes introduction to more advanced heavy equipment operating skill

Heavy equipment level 3

This level confirms that you have the required knowledge and skill to operate heavy equipment.

What jobs can get NCCER Certified?

Jobs that can get NCCER certified include Craft Instructor, Safety Supervisor, and Rigger journeyman among a couple others. It generally comprises of jobs that involve heavy equipment.

What are NCCER’s Training Curriculum?

NCCER training curriculum is made up of the core curriculum which is necessary for other level 1 craft curriculum.


NCCER certification is a great opportunity to make more advancement in your career. You can take the chance to develop with little regrets.


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