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Hi, I’m John

And you’re in howlongdoeslast.com, a website that aggregates information on how food, things, or various products last in different storages or conditions.

How long does food or an ingredient last before you can to throw it out or will it be fine to eat/use even past the best-by date, are common questions we encounter day to day especially if you aim to live a waste-free life. Who would want to waste good food, right?

The same things apply for other products such as gadgets, car accessories, etc. Whether you want to know to make a buying decision or to learn when you need to replace the thing before it breaks down, howlongdoeslast.com can give you the right answers you need.

We often rely on dates on the label, but not every item or product has a best-by date (unless it’s a prepacked store-bought food), so I hope this website on how long things last will come in to help.

If you would like to know how long a product last that is not on this website, use our contact form to send a request or simply email me at info{at}howlongdoeslast{dot}com.