Everything has an expiration time and the same goes for the tinted windows in your vehicle. You can be sure about the mileage of your auto tint as it depends on a number of factors.


How long does window tint last? Factors like sunlight, installation process, and the quality of film used all come together to determine this. In the course of this article, we’ll be talking about how long the tint is supposed to last.

What are the different types of window tint?

There are five major types of window tints which can be used to change the look of your car. Some of these tints are easier to install than others and there are also variations in prices. The different types include

Dyed window tints

Dyed window tints offer a deep black look that is transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside view.

Metalized window tint

Metalized window tints include embedded particles that form an adhesive layer that bond to the car window.

Hybrid window tint

Hybrid window tint is a combination of dyed and metalized tints minus the disadvantages of both.

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon window tints are made from polymer micro layers and carbon block infrared.

Ceramic window tint

Ceramic window tint contains nonmetallic and nonconductive ceramic particles.

What determines how long tinted windows last?

Factors that determine how long your car tint lasts are numerous. First one is the quality of the tint. You can expect most standard films to last for an average of five years. Other factors that contribute to the lifespan of your tint include Heat, cleaning, and installation.

How to make your window tint last longer?

To ensure that you get the best out of your window tint in terms of longevity you need to watch out for certain factors and take the appropriate maintenance measures. Ensure that you use the appropriate cleaning products on your window.

Cleaning products that are high in ammonia and acid can cause the film of your window to peel off. In addition, ensure that you avoid scratches pets and kids. The scratches may look like little damages but they expand to form a major tear in the tint. Ensure that you choose a quality window installation company in other to get proper installation.

When is window tint removal necessary?

There are a number of factors that could warrant tint removal. Window tint removal is necessary when changing tints to ensure that the new tint adhered properly to the window. You can check for signs of damage in your window to know when removal is necessary. Check for signs like bubbling, cracking, peeling to know when to remove your tint.


To sum it up, window tints are useful for various reasons to car owners. To get the best from your tint, you need to know more about tint qualities and types. By following the guidelines of this article, you can be assured of getting quality.


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