People are going crazy over Korean bands. Iz*One is one such popular girl-band. But, how long will Izone last? Well, it depends on their contract.


This girl-group has a contract of 2 years and six months. So, they will last for only two years and six months unless they sign a new contract. Their contract will come to an end in April 2021.

Update: As officially announced on March 10, the IZ*ONE project will end in April 2021.

Who is Iz*One?

IZONE (Korean: 아지zone) is a South-Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment and BNT International. The group is composed of seven members selected from the reality show Produce 48. IZONE released their debut single “La Vie En Rose” on October 15, 2018 with three sub-units releasing different music in different regions: LOOΠΔ (Lights), EXY (Exy) and Olivia Hye (Olivia Hye).

They’re also known for their high-energy choreography and captivating stage presence. The group has sold over 1million albums in South Korea.

Before Produce 48, Bae Jinyoung and Takada Kenta collaborated for the song “Flower Blossom” of Bae Jinyoung’s solo album.In September 2018, the members were selected through a reality TV competition, Produce 48, on Mnet. They debuted with their song “La Vie en Rose” on October 15, 2018.

Who are the Iz*One members?

There are a total of 12 members in this all girl group. Some members are Japanese, while others are Korean. Here are the details about the members:

  • Chaeyeon: She is a Korean singer. Her real name is Lee Chae Yeon. She is the leading dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper.
  • Minju: Her real name is Kim Min Joo. She is a Korean singer. She is the lead rapper and vocalist.
  • Chaewon: Her real name is Kim Chae Won. She is a Korean singer. She is the lead vocalist and dancer.
  • Hitomi: Her real name is Honda Hitomi. She is Japanese. She is the lead dancer, singer, and rapper.
  • Hyewon: Her real name is Kang Hye Won. She is Korean. She is a rapper and vocalist.
  • Eunbi: Her real name is Kwon Eun Bi. She is Korean. She is the leader of the group, along with being the leading dancer and lead vocalist.
  • Nako: Her real name is YabukiNako. She is Japanese. She is a vocalist.
  • Yujin: Her real name is Ahn Yu Jin. She is Korean. She is the lead vocalist and dancer.
  • Yena: Her real name is Choi Ye Na. She is Korean. She is the main rapper, lead vocalist and dancer.
  • Yuri: Her real name is Jo Yu Ri. She is Korean and the main vocalist.
  • Sakura: Her real name is Miyawaki Sakura. She is Japanese and vocalist.
  • Wonyoung: Her real name is Jang Won Young. She is Chinese and Korean. She is the lead dancer, rapper, vocalist, and center.

List of Iz*One awards:

They have won all the following award

  • (Music)2018 Rookie of the Year 
  • (Album)2019 New Artist of the year 
  • (Female)2019 Best dance performance 
  • 2019 M2 Most popular artist
  • (Album)2019 Rookie of the year 
  • (Asia)2020 New artist of the year 
  • (Asia)2020 Best 3 New artist 
  • 2018 Best Female artist
  • 2018 New Asian artist
  • 2019 New artist award
  • 2019 Rookie top 5
  • And, 2019 Global top 12

How long is Iz*One’ contract?

The Kpop idol group Iz*ONE, also known as Wanna One for their fans, just signed a one-year contract with EMI Records. The deal will be lasting until 2021 and the girls will not have to promote on broadcast TV stations or in large events during that period of time thanks to some loopholes in the contract.

When it comes down to the specifics of the contract, it says that they are not allowed to appear on broadcast TV or in large-scale events for one year without consent from EMI Records. Iz*ONE can’t perform on broadcast TV but they can still take part in stage performances and festivals where EMI Records can’t forbid them to appear.

Although the group has committed to a year-long contract, EMI Records stated that the girls are able to perform on broadcast TV and in large-scale events if they sign a 10-year contract.

When will Iz*One disband?

Izone is a group of girls who started off as an idol competition. This means that their contracts for music or entertainment shows will only last for as long as the competition. By the time any group wins, they lose their contract. So, I’m pretty sure that in about 2-3 years time, izone will disband.


This is all you need to know about the contract duration of the IZONE girl group. If they sign a new contract, you will hopefully see them in 2021.



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