The Minecraft bad omen is like any other status, however, the way it gets to you is unique. You get a bad Omen after killing the raid captain Illager. How long does the bad omen last? The Bad omen lasts for 1 hour 40 minutes (100 minutes). The effect of the bad Omen activates when you enter a village and raid will be spawned.

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How can you get a bad omen?


Usually, an adverse effect status is received when you encounter a mob with special abilities. A bad Omen gets to you after you kill a raid Captain Illager. These raid captains can be spotted easily as they carry a flag with the face of the Illagers on it.

These Raid Captains can be found when a player comes across a Pillager outpost or a group of Illagers. If a player does not want to be a part of a raid, then he/she should avoid entering a village till the effect of the bad omen is in place

What does bad omen do?

How long a bad omen does lasts in Minecraft Hardcore? A bad omen is a status that stays for 100 minutes and during this period if the player enters the village, then a raid spawns. The status of bad omen increases after killing raid captains. It goes up to level 6. Level 6 is quite difficult to beat! The difficulty level increases with each wave. 

How to remove bad omen?

A bad Omen can be removed in 4 ways. One is to just wait, even though the time shows up as “**.**”? So how long does the bad omen effect last? It lasts for 100 minutes. Second is to simply enter a village and take part in the raid and win the raid. In doing so, the villagers are hurt in the process if the player is not well-prepared to face the raid. The third method is to drink a bucket of milk. However, in this way, the player loses the opportunity to gain rewards from a raid. The fourth way is to die, however, it is recommended to keep your XP level 7 or even lower because that’s about the level of XP you can regain after spawning

Other bad omen facts:

When the raid is won by a player, he gets the title of “Hero of the Village”. Winning a raid is difficult, but if you can protect the village, then hefty rewards are given. Villagers give bread, pumpkin pies, and cookies. The Fishermen would throw fishes and the baby villagers will give you poppy

watch video# Minecraft Hero Of The Village: How To Get Hero Of The Village In Minecraft?


Getting a bad Omen is not good, but for those players who love a challenge and want to grow in the game, slay all those captains of Illagers! The rewards are good enough to go in for a raid. To win the village of the raid, you need to be well-prepared for it. You can stack bad omens up to level 6 to face a greater challenge.



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