The sun is out, and the heat is beating you, tough, eh? It’s best to have a cup of Cold Brew. You will feel like you’re in heaven. Making Cold Brew is quite easy, but the question is how long does cold brew last? Unlike popular opinion, a cold brew can last up to two weeks in refrigerator, however the taste starts to go down after one week, so it’s best not to keep it for more than 1 week.

Why cold brew is a good choice?


The coffee content of a cold brew coffee is almost double of an iced cold coffee because keeping it inside a fridge for more than 24 hours creates a coffee concentrate. Another reason why cold brew is because the taste remains consistent for almost a week, unlike other types of coffee’s that lose their taste in few hours.

One more benefit of cold brew coffee is that it is quite easy to make. It’s better to make your own cold brew coffee rather than buying from a supermarket.

Does cold brew coffee go bad?

When all the grounds from a coffee is removed, then the coffee can be stored for two weeks saying that you are using only black coffee without milk, cream or sugar. When does cold brew coffee go bad? If anything other than black coffee is added, the shelf life decreases to a week. Adding milk will in the concentrated batch, the shelf is decreased to only 3-4 days.

What happens when cold brew coffee goes bad?

Your favorite cold brew coffee starts to go bad after a week. You can still drink it after a week but the aroma and flavor goes down with each passing day. If the cold brew is diluted, then it will last for 2-3 days and then it will begin to spoil. If you keep it for longer than that, then mold and bacteria will start to form inside the bottle.

How to store cold brew to extend the shelf-life?

To increase the shelf-life of cold brew coffee, you will need to do heat pasteurization. You can also do high-pasteurization. Both of these can change the flavor of the coffee itself. One important factor to storing is to never store it in room temperature and always keep the lid closed, so the flavor remains the same for a long time. Using fresh coffee beans also helps to keep the brew for a long time.


Shelf-life of a cold brew stays good for one week. If kept in perfect condition, then it can be extended to two weeks but more than that, not good at all! Cold brew coffee tastes even better during summers. Every person has their own choice, some like to make their own cold brew and some like to purchase a cup. People who love caffeine will always say yes to a cold brew because of the high concentration of coffee in it.



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