A tan is caused by sunlight hitting the skin which leads to the skin pigment producing more melanin. Melanin is the skins defense mechanism from damage from ultraviolet rays.


How long does a tan last?  How long does a tan last if you rub orange juice every day? We have all the answers. The lifespan of tan varies, depending on the type of tan. It also depends on the skin type of the individual. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about skin tans and their duration.

What are ways to get a tan?

Over the years, several ways to get a tan have been developed. Some of them include use of pill, lotions, airbrushing, and other alternatives. The method used to get the tan, is a contributing factor to how long it will last.  Before getting a tan, consider consulting with a professional to work out the best for you. Below are some of the popular ways to get a tan.

Natural tan

Natural tan also known as sun tan involves the use of sunlight in darkening the skin. Exposure to sunlight increases the production of melanin and vitamin D in the skin. This gives the skin a dark shade. Although natural tanning is usually very safe but over exposure can lead to sunburn and increased skin cancer risk. The time it takes to tan depends on the skin type and the sunlight.

UV tanning bed

UV tanning bed tan is a modern method of getting tanned which is fairly popular. It involves the use of ultraviolet rays to darken the skin. Tanning booths possess bed which work with UV lamps to tan the skin. Over exposure to the UV rays can lead to a damaged skin and even cancer in extreme cases.

Spray tan

Spray tan also known as airbrush tanning is done with the help of a tanning technician.  Spray tanning from salon involves the use of spray tanning solutions which are used by technicians on your skin. The tanning solution contains Dihydroxyacetone, a substance that reacts with amino acids in the skin to darken it. Spray tans are safe and don’t cause allergic reactions of cancer.

How to make a tan last longer?

There are several ways to make your tan last longer than it usually does. Some of these methods are more effective than others.  They include

  • Application of Sun cream
  • Application of sun screen
  • Warm showers
  • Exfoliation of the skin
  • Application of body oil
  • Increased consumption of Beta Carotene

Is it safe to get a tan?

To be sure about the safety of tanning, you have to take into consideration the exposure and the skin type. Tanning becomes bad when there is overexposure to UV rays or sunlight. Tanning can cause Sunburns and even Skin cancer when done inappropriately.


Having a tanned skin comes with its risks and benefits. You need to make extensive research about your skin type and methods before developing a tanning routine. You can contact a dermatologist if you have any other questions.


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