After a hand surgery, it is possible to experience swelling which can last for a while. How long this swelling lasts depends on a number of factors, including the individual.

To help you deal with this swelling, we will be talking about duration of swelling post-hand surgery and how to reduce swelling. In this article are some of the instructions to follow after the surgery.

What to expect after a hand surgery?

Recovery from a hand surgery can be unsettling especially if it does not go as you have planned for it to go. It is common to experience some difficult for some time after the surgery but in most cases full recovery is guaranteed. Some of the things to expect after a hand surgery include


There is usually swelling on the hand following a surgery for the first week. This is normal and your body recovers with time. As the swelling reduces, your body also recovers to reduce the pain in other areas.


It is normal to experience some soreness around the area of the incision after a surgery. With proper care and instructions you should recover after some time.

Wound care

Another thing to watch out for after a hand surgery is the healing of your hand. The wound needs to be cared for properly for a speedy recovery. Follow instructions from your doctor to get up to speed

What are the complications of hand surgery?

Like most medical procedures, it is possible to experience some complications after a hand surgery. The complications can range from severe to mild.

Apart from swelling and soreness, watch out for bleeding, scarring, stiffness and finger numbness after surgery in your muscles. The more severe complications include Complex pain syndrome and damage to adjacent structures.

Post-operative instructions after hand surgery:

For swelling

Elevate your arm to make it comfortable. This is also great for people who experience pain. Use Ice packs to reduce the swelling.

Contact your doctor

After a hand surgery, follow-up appointments are necessary for the doctor to keep up with you.  The appointments are usually scheduled every two weeks for checkup and to make the doctor aware of any new developments.

How long does swelling last after hand surgery?

Swelling is expected after most hand and shoulder surgery and it lasts for up to 10 days. There are steps that you can take to reduce the swelling and recover as soon as possible.

How to reduce swelling after hand surgery?

Elevating your hand is a great way to recover from swelling.  Put your hand on pillows while you lie down to reduce the flow of blood to that area. Place ice packs on the hand for twenty minutes.


If you have undergone a wrist surgery recently, it is possible to experience some side effects. However, most are mild and full recovery is expected after.



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