How long should a silk press last? The duration of a silk press depends on the type of silk press and how it was made. In this article, we’ll be talking about all you need to know about silk presses.


Silk press on natural hair is one of the best ways to straighten it. However, it is impossible for the press to last forever, so it has to come to an end at some point.

What is a silk press?

Silk press originated from original traditional press which involves the use of hot comb to press your hair and make it straight.  A silk press requires a flat iron to straighten hair instead of the hair comb in traditional hair press. 

The silk press gives natural hair a more relaxed look making it appear straight and soft.  Silk press is favored over other methods because it does not require grease but only an oil serum.

How to make a silk press last longer?

There are several methods to increase the longevity of your silk press. They include

Stylist appointment

As easy as doing a silk press is, it is better to have yours done by a professional. You might achieve an impressive silk press by doing it yourself at home but it is nothing compared to what a professional can achieve. Your hairstylist is probably more skilled since he or she has been at it for a while. Besides they also have a better vantage point which makes it easier.

Avoid getting it wet

If you love getting your air wet then silk press may not be for you. No matter how straight or perfectly done your silk press is, it becomes damaged on coming in contact with water.

Avoid touching it

You know how tempting it is to touch your hair after making it? Don’t do that with silk presses. Frequent touching leaves your hair less silky.

How often should you get a silk press?

A good silk press on 4c hair last for quite some time and you don’t have to worry about getting one frequently. Provided you take proper care, you only have to renew your silk press every four months. By doing it once in four months, you can avoid damage to your hair from heat.

Is silk press bad for your hair?

Silk press is safer in most situations, provided that it is done by a professional. Silk press reduces the risk of damage to your hair but in cases where heat is used there is a chance of heat damage. When done badly, silk presses can also cause hair breakage.


To sum it up, silk press is really nice for your air provided that it is done properly. There various ways to have that straight natural hair but silk press remains one of the best.



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