Rose Bears are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. You can gift it to your loved ones as it lasts longer than flowers. So, how long do rose bears last? Well, it depends on the material used to make the bear.


As it is not made for real rose, it lasts longer. If you keep it safe, it will last forever. The bear will go through wear and tear but last forever.

The average lifespan of a regular foam rose teddy bear is 1 to 3 years. You have to protect it from heat, water, and excessive damage.

What is a rose bear?

A rose bear is a teddy bear made from artificial roses. These flower bears are handmade.

Artificial rose flowers are used to make a bear. Instead of plain foam material, these bears are covered with roses. 

These preserved roses are a symbol of long-lasting love. These bears are manually made for gifting purposes.

Rose bears are available in different sizes and colors. People mostly go with red or pink color bears because it symbolizes love. 

But these bears are available in different colors as well.

You can get a white color rose bear holding a red heart. There are grey, green, light blue and other colors available.

You can choose the size of the bear you want to buy. The smallest size is a 25 cm mini rose bear.

You can also buy a 14-inch tall rose bear.

Why choose rose bears as a gift?

Here is why rose bears are perfect as a gift.

  • Suits every occasion: It suits every occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion.
  • Decorative: It is very decorative. There are hundreds of artificial roses covering the bear.
  • No care: Unlike real roses, you don’t have to care about these faux roses.
  • Unbreakable: As it is made from foam, it is durable.
  • Variety: You can get different sizes, colors, and a variety of rose bears in the market.

When to give rose bears as a gift?

You can gift someone a rose bear on any of these occasions.

  • Valentine’s Day: It is one of the best options for Valentine’s Day gift. You can gift a red bear as a symbol of your love.
  • Birthday: It can also be gifted on birthdays. You can choose any color and complement it with chocolates.
  • Weddings: It is also a perfect wedding gift. If you are attending a friend’s wedding, you can gift them a rose bear.
  • Anniversary: It can also be gifted on wedding anniversaries.
  • Mother’s day: You can gift it to your mother as well.

How to tell a quality rose bear?

When you gift a rose bear, check the quality first. Here is how you can check the quality.

  • High-quality glue: Check the gluing of the roses. If it is not good, the roses will fall off the bear.
  • Material Quality: Make sure the material is good. Good quality material will be shiny and soft to touch.
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee helps to know the quality of the bear.


Now, you know how long a rose bear will last. You can follow the guide to choose the best quality rose bear as a gift.



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