Who isn’t a fan of pickles! They are delicious, healthy, and can last you for months. But how long do pickles last exactly? Well, that depends on the kind of pickle you’re referring to!


For instance, if you’re talking about homemade pickles, they’ll last you for about two months. On the other hand, store-bought (unopened), frozen, and fermented pickles may last up to two years.

StorageHow long pickles last
Homemade pickles2 Months (in the fridge)
Store-bought pickles, jar (unopened)1 to 2 Years
Store-bought, pickles, jar (opened)12 to 18 Months (in the fridge)
Fermented pickles1 to 2 Years
Frozen pickles2 to 12 Months

How long do pickles last after opening?

The answer to this question depends on whether your pickles are pasteurized or unpasteurized. It also depends on whether you store it in the pantry or refrigerator.

Note that, once you open a jar of pickles, you must refrigerate it to prolong its longevity. If opened, both pasteurized and unpasteurized pickles may last for around 12 to 18 months in the fridge.

Do pickles go bad?

Yes, just like any other food product, pickles do go bad. All store-bought pickles come with a best before date.

However, don’t mistake the best-before date with an expiration date. Pickles do not go bad past their best before dates, provided you store them in the right away.

 You can use unopened store-bought pickles for up to 3 months past their best-by dates.

How to tell if pickles have gone bad?

You can easily tell if it’s time to toss your pickles into the trash bin. Pickles generally last you for months and even years.

But when they go bad, you can easily tell by its appearance. For unopened pickles, look for dome-shaped jar lids.

If the jar lid is not flat as usual, most probably, your pickles have gone bad due to a poorly sealed container. You can also look out for signs of molds or any discolorations on the top surface of the pickles.

Rancid pickle may also give off a foul odor against its acidic, vinegar-like aroma.  

Do pickles need to be refrigerated?

Store-bought unopened pickles need not be refrigerated. You can store them in your pantry for months.

If opened, you must refrigerate the pickles to retain its quality and freshness. In the case of homemade pickles, you need to refrigerate them at all times.

How to properly store pickles?

There is no magic recipe for storing pickles. If you want to keep your pickles fresh for months, you should store them unopened in the shelf or pantry at room temperature, preferably not more than 75°F.

Once you open the pickle jar, the only correct way to store them is in the fridge.


As pickles are made of vegetables and have high water content, they may contain various health benefits. Most people take pickles and pickle brine to help manage diabetes, weight loss, dehydration, and even cancer.

However, since pickles are high in sodium, it may also lead to certain unwanted health conditions. Hence, you should consume pickles moderately and not in excess. Store them the right way, and pickles will last you for several months!


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