So you own an iMac, or thinking of purchasing one. In such instances, you may be left wondering, “How long do iMacs last on average?” Intriguing question, right?

Well, truth be told, there is no definitive answer for this. That’s because it depends on an array of factors. Using your iMac for web browsing will last longer than when you download several apps and perform high-intensity tasks.

How long do iMacs last on average?

On average, your iMac should last you for a good ten years. That’s considering the fact that there are no hardware problems with your device.

If you want to find out about the longevity of your iMac and other iMac info, check out the vintage and obsolete products page by Apple.

How long will Apple support iMac?

Usually, the support period of Apple for iMac hardware is a good three years. So, your iMac will receive support until the time the Apple warranty lasts.

Did you know that Apple initially provided iMac support for more than five years? With the provision of free OS updates, upgrades, and releases, the support period reduced to three years!

When to replace your iMac?

There are several signs to know when it’s time to replace your iMac. Some of them are:

  • Lack of space

With apps now taking up a lot of space, it becomes difficult to maintain space for your files. And if your iMac is the older version, it becomes even more difficult.

In such cases, you might want to think about replacing your iMac with that of the latest version! This way, you won’t have to bother about lack of space anymore!

  • Software issues

Your iMac might run into software issues if it’s outdated. This means constant freezes, random shutdowns, and visual glitches.

  • Inability to install the latest MacOS version

Another sure sign that it’s time to replace your iMac is that you will not be able to upgrade to the latest version of MacOS.

Of course, you can still use your iMac for a year or two. But after that, you will not receive security updates and some software might stop working too.

How much is an iMac?

The 27-inch iMac that released this year starts at $1,799, and the starting price of the 21.5-inch iMac is $1,099.

Fun fact: The first iMac was released in August 1988 and was priced at $1,299!

How to keep iMac running for a long time?

If you want to keep your iMac running for a long time, consider following the tips below:

  1. Clean out all the older files
  2. Make sure to regularly back up your data
  3. The desktop needs to be clean
  4. Update your software whenever there is a new version
  5. Ensure that you shut down all the background apps when not in use
  6. Run disk utility
  7. Make sure to install an anti-malware software

Should you buy the new iMac 2020?

If you are looking to upgrade your iMac, you might want to buy the new iMac 2020!

That’s because the upgrades like storage options, GPUs, CPUs, 1080p FaceTime camera, and more, will definitely be worth it all! Plus, you will also get to enjoy a smoother experience! You don’t have to worry about support because Apple will continue to support Intel Macs for many more years to come!



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