Helium Balloons have become an integral part of the decoration. If you are planning to use these balloons to surprise someone, you need to its lifespan.

So how long do helium balloons last? Well, the lifespan of these balloons depends upon several factors.

Here is a detailed explanation about how long do helium balloons last before deflation.

  • Latex helium balloon lifespan: 

It depends on the size and type of balloon and environmental factors.

Here is a table for your understanding.

SizeNon-AC RoomAC RoomOutdoors
11 inchesUp to 8 hoursUp to 10 hoursUp to 7 hours
36 inches12 – 24 hours14 – 60 hours12 – 36 hours
  • Helium foil balloon lifespan:

Here is a table to help you understand the life span of the helium foil balloon.

SizeNon-AC RoomAC RoomOutdoors
18 to 25 inches12 hours to 24 hours12 hours to 48 hoursUp to 10 hours
26 to 39 inches12 hours to 48 hours12 hours to 5 days10 – 24 hours
More than 39 inches12 hours to 3 days1 to 7 days10 – 24 hours
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Factors on how long helium balloons last:

How long do helium balloons last afloat? It depends on several factors. Here are some factors on which the lifespan of helium balloons depends.

  • Environment: Temperature affects the helium balloon. If it is too hot, it will burst, and if it is too cold, they won’t stay afloat for long. 
  • Type of Balloons: The lifespan also depends on the kind of balloon. Example latex helium balloons don’t last long while foil helium balloons last for a longer time.
  • Size of Balloons: The bigger the size of the balloon, the longer it will last. Size plays a crucial role.
  • Time in transport bag: If you keep the balloons in the transport bag for too long, they will start deflating. Avoid keeping them in transport bags.

How much helium do balloons need?

It depends on the size of the balloon. If the size is small, less helium is needed, whereas; large balloons need more helium.

Here is a table for better understanding.

Size of the BalloonHelium Needed for Each Balloon (in cubic feet)
7 inch latex balloon0.15
9 inch latex balloon0.27
10 inch latex balloon0.30
11 inch latex balloon0.50
12 inch latex balloon0.52
14 inch latex balloon1
16 inch latex balloon1.25
20 inch latex balloon2.42
36 inch latex balloon14.10
18 inch foil balloon0.44

How to make helium balloons last longer?

Here are five tips to increase the lifespan of helium balloons.

  • Avoid Sunlight: Keep the balloons away from sunlight. At too hot temperature, they will burst.
  • Foil balloon: Use foil balloon instead of a latex balloon as they last longer.
  • Big Size Balloon: Avoid using small size balloon. Use giant or average size balloon to increase the lifespan.
  • Please keep away from Pets: Keep the balloons away from pets as they can poke and burst it.
  • Temperature: Keep the balloons at the perfect temperature, i.e., neither too hot nor freezing.
Three techniques tested to see which makes helium balloons float the longest

How much do helium balloons cost?

  • Latex helium balloons cost up to $1 if you buy directly from stores.
  • A foil helium balloon costs around $1 to $4 for small size.
  • Giant foil helium balloons cost from $7 to $15.
  • The price may differ from decorator to decorator.


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