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Dry ice, which is solid carbon dioxide, typically lasts for about 24 to 36 hours when stored in a standard insulated container. However, the exact duration can vary depending on factors such as the amount of dry ice, the insulation quality of the container, and the ambient temperature. It is important to handle dry ice with caution due to its extremely cold temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius (-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit), and it is recommended to use protective gloves or tongs when handling it to avoid skin burns.

What is dry ice used for?

With a little planning and a few blocks of dry ice, you can bring your favorite foods anywhere. As you might know, dry ice does an incredible job at not only keeping food cold, but actually keeping it frozen when it is packed right. Dry ice will last you a long time if it is packed correctly.

How long your dry ice will last you depend on two factors: how it is stored and the size of the brick. The average brick of dry ice is around five pounds. So with that in mind, your whole brick of dry ice will last you 18-24 hours if kept in a cooler. If you leave your brick of dry ice outside, it will only last you 3-5 hours. If you decide to stick your dry ice in liquid, it will only last you 15-45 minutes.

It is very important to store your dry ice properly because if you fail to do so, you will find yourself constantly having to go out and buy yourself more. For you and your wallet’s sake, you do not want to be doing that. So just keep your dry ice in an insulated cooler and your wallet will not feel lighter that much quicker.

What is the safest way to handle dry ice?

When it comes to storing your dry ice, you want to remember to follow all the safety precautions as possible. Dry ice temperature is very cold, usually at -109.3 Fahrenheit. Always hand it with care and wear protective cloth or leather gloves when touching the dry ice.

Keeping contact with dry ice for a long period of time on bare skin will freeze cells, causing a similar injury as a burn. If your skin blisters or peels off, you should go see a doctor. If not, more likely than not you will be fine and it will heal over time. Make sure you never leave your dry ice unattended around children. That is just asking for a disaster.

How to pack dry ice?

There is no one way to make sure you extend the life of your dry ice. The best thing you can do is store it in a cooler, that will slow down the sublimation process.

The insulation in the cooler will make sure your dry ice sticks around for more than a couple hours. You can try wrapping a newspaper around it so it has less interaction with the atmosphere. You can pick it up closer to wherever you need it, therefore you spend less time with it traveling.

Finally, the easiest thing you can do is buy more than you need. That way you give yourself more wiggle room and if some of it expires, you have more to spare.


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