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A properly stored cake can generally last for about one week in the refrigerator. This duration can be longer or shorter depending on the type of cake, its ingredients, and how it’s stored. For example, a cake with dairy-based fillings or frosting (like cream cheese or custard) may not last as long as one with just plain icing. Furthermore, the cake should be kept in an airtight container or tightly covered in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out or absorbing odors from other foods. It’s important to note that while refrigeration extends the freshness of the cake, its taste and texture might gradually decline over time. Always check for signs of spoilage such as an off smell or mold before consuming.

Can you put a frosted cake in the fridge?


Most frosted cakes can be put into the fridge as long as they are tightly covered and stored properly. If you have a cake with cream cheese frosting this is even better for storing in the fridge because of how slowly it will spoil, as long as the cake is properly covered.

How to keep cake fresh?

Cake will last longer and stay fresher when it is tightly wrapped in plastic wrap or foil, then placed in an airtight container or bag. You can also place your cake in the fridge or freezer if you know that you will not be able to eat it before it goes bad.

Can you freeze a cake?

Yes, cakes are a great candidate for freezing as long as they are stored properly. If you want to freeze your cake, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and then place in either a freezer bag or container, pushing all of the air out before sealing. You can then put this back in the freezer, and it will keep for about three months. After you have taken it out of the freezer, wrap it in foil and place in the fridge for 3 to 4 days to thaw before consuming.

How to thaw a cake?

If you need to use your cake frozen, then thaw it in the fridge for 12 hours or on the counter for 8 hours. If you are using your cake frozen, then take it out of the freezer and preheat your oven to 200° F. Place a cooling rack on a rimmed baking sheet and place it in the oven. Lower the temperature to 175° F and bake your cake for 20 minutes. Then, cool your cake completely before frosting it or using it as a base for cupcakes or other recipes.

Should I put cake in the fridge before icing?

Yes, this is a good idea. It will make the icing adhere better to the cake and allow it to set properly before being decorated, or sealed with a frosting.

My cake turned white after I put it in the fridge…what to do?

This is known as blooming or curdling, and happens from an abundance of air trapped inside the batter. If you open up your cake once it has been in the fridge, you will see that it has become a light brown color. The only thing that you can do is to try to cut around this section when serving.

Can old cake make you sick?

Yes, cake that is overly ripe can make you very sick. If you notice that your cake has mold growing on it, then do not consume it under any circumstances. This is a sign of very old cake and could cause food poisoning if eaten. You should also throw out any frosting that has mold growing in it. Do not use any cake with strange coloring or smells as well.

What are different types of cake and storage options?

There are many different types of cake, each with its own unique characteristics and flavors. Some of these include:

Angel Food Cake: Angel food cake is a type of sponge cake that is only baked once, when it is put in the pan to rise and cool. It is traditionally flavored with vanilla and has a soft texture. Store it covered at room temperature.

Pound Cake: Pound cakes are named after their original pound weight measurements of eggs, flour and sugar that were called for on the recipe. It can be flavored in many ways, either with spices or fruit or nut ingredients, such as almonds, walnuts or pecans. To store this cake, wrap it and store it in the refrigerator.

Carrot Cake: Carrot cakes are made with carrots, nuts and spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. They are also often topped with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake is classic! It is usually made with chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, unsweetened melted chocolate and frosting. Store the cake in an airtight container at room temperature for one to two days.

Lemon Cake: Lemon cakes are made with lemons, lemon juice, lemon zest and a glaze or frosting. It is also sometimes served with a lemon curd or lemon mousse on top. Store it in the refrigerator, covered in foil or plastic wrap.

Red Velvet Cake: Red velvet cake is known for its red coloring that comes from using red dye or food coloring in the batter or frosting of this cake. This type of cake should be stored in the refrigerator and eaten within two days.

Spice Cake: Spice cake is made with spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. It is a cake mixture containing fruit, eggs, flour and spices that are baked together until they create a dense texture. It can be served frosted or unfrosted. To store this cake, cover the cake and place it in the refrigerator.

Easy Cake: Easy cakes are typically easy to make and often use an easy cake mix. They often cannot be ordered from a bakery like traditional cakes can. To store this cake, place it in an airtight container and store it at room temperature for up to two days.

Eggless Cakes: Eggless cakes are made without eggs or egg replacers. They are also sometimes known as vegan, wheat-free or corn-free cakes. These cakes do not keep for more than a day; try freezing them after they have cooled completely.

Frosted Cake: Frosted cakes are made with frosting and, if they are chocolate, have chocolate chips mixed in as well. Store this cake in the refrigerator for up to two days.

Final thoughts on cake shelf life

Cakes rarely last longer than two days, but this does vary depending on the type of cake. For example, pound cakes can stay on the shelf for up to five days. No matter which type of cake you love and plan to make, you can be sure that your favorite cake will taste just as good after it has been out on the shelf for a day or two.

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