If you freshly pick broccoli, it will last you for about 3-5 days at room temperature. In comparison, store-bought broccoli can last to 2 days max. Storing fresh broccoli in the fridge can extend storage life to 4-7 days and up to 3 to 8 months in the freezer.


A cooked broccoli, at room temperature, can last only up to 2 hours. But in the fridge, about 3-5 days. And up to three months in the freezer.

How to choose quality broccoli?

When shopping for broccoli, choose a dark green color, as it has more beta-carotene, which is antioxidant. And ensure that you select broccoli heads that have light green florets. The stalks should be firm, with the fresh and moist-looking cut ends.

How to tell if broccoli is bad?

Broccoli doesn’t do well when left outside the fridge for more than days. Its green buds will turn yellow and will not taste fresh.

How to properly store broccoli to make it last?

Can you freeze broccoli? Yes, you can. And here is how to store broccoli, using freezing and other methods to last you longer.

  • Freezing broccoli – Freezing the broccoli, florets, and stems is one of the best ways to store broccoli. For effective freezing, you must blanch the broccoli, as it preserves the flavor and its bright green color. Freezing it raw will cause the stem to dry and give bitter flavor.
  • Pickling – Pressure the broccoli with a pickling liquid, which is a combination of vinegar and salt. This acidic environment extends the shelf life of broccoli to 4-6 months. Remember to cover and store in the fridge tightly.
  • Canning – The 250 °F temperature in pressure-cooking canning ensures that it kills all the bacteria spores that cause botulism.

How to defrost frozen broccoli?

Now that you know how to freeze broccoli, defrosting is quite simple. All you do is thaw the frozen broccoli in hot water and let it sit for a few minutes and drain the water.

Other Useful Tips

  • For those of you wondering if broccoli stems are edible – Yes, they are. The stems are equally delicious and nutritious as other parts of broccoli.
  • When it comes to broccoli wrapping, you can use paper towels or plastic bags for the best results. However, when using a plastic bag, make sure that you poke holes around the head. To ensure the proper flow of air to keep it fresh.
  • Eating a broccoli that has past its prime time may not make you sick but it won’t taste as great.


Broccoli may have a short shelf life at room temperature, but proper storage decides the shelf life to a great extent. It can vary from 3 days to 8 months, which is pretty impressive.


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