Nowadays, people are all about looking good and attractive. Because of this, many women go for brazilian butt lift. It is cosmetic surgery to shape your butt and make it look good. Is Brazilian Buttock lift permanent? No, it is not. Like all other cosmetic surgery, it is not permanent.

A Brazilian butt lift’s results vary from patient to patient. In some cases, it may last up to several years, while it may last up to several decades in others. It depends upon how careful you are during the recovery process.


If proper care is taken after the treatment, it will last for eight months. Factors like hydration levels, metabolism, weight loss, lifestyle affect the results.

How does a brazilian butt lift work?

If you are curious about how this procedure works, we can help you. Here, we will show you how a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) works.

  • Marking: First, the markings are done, the area from where fat will be taken, and the area where it will be injected is marked.
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia is given.
  • Preparation: Surgery preparation is done.
  • Incisions: The incision is done to remove fat.
  • Tumescent Fluid: It is injected in the areas to numb it.
  • Harvest: The harvest of fat takes place.
  • Transfer: The harvested fat is transferred to buttocks.
  • Sutures: Sutures are made to close the incision site.

What are the benefits of brazilian butt lift?

Here is a list of benefits of BBL.

  • Natural-looking results: The results look natural as own body fat is used instead of silicon.
  • Roundness: It makes the butt perfectly round without any extra lumps.
  • Shape: It gives a perfect shape to your butt, which changes with age.
  • Clothing: It makes the clothes suit your body as it can fit snugly around your butt.
  • Low Risk: There is a lower risk of infection in this natural surgery.
  • Confidence: It helps to improve your self-confidence.

Side-effects of brazilian butt lift:

Although, it is beneficial, there are certain side-effects you many faces.

  • Infection: The chances of infection are less, but still, there is a possibility.
  • Scarring: The surgery may leave a scar on the area where an incision is made.
  • Pain: This surgery can be painful. Although anesthesia is given, you might feel once it wears out.
  • Lumps: In some cases, lumps may occur beneath the skin.
  • Health Issues: If the fat reaches your lungs or heart, you may face severe health problems. However, it happens in rare cases.

How much does a brazilian butt lift cost?

The cost usually depends on several factors like the doctor’s experience and place of surgery.

It depends on,

  • Length of the surgery
  • Operation room cost
  • Post-operation fees
  • Medication
  • Method of surgery

The overall average cost of a BBL surgery is $8,000 to $10,000 if done from reputed surgeons.

You can also go for cheap surgery, which costs less than $5,000.

How to find a provider?

It is crucial to find the right provider to conduct the surgery. However, if you want to avoid any problems after the surgery, interview the provider.

  • Research: Do you research online before you go for a consultation.
  • Consultation: You can go for a consultation before choosing the right one.
  • Portfolio: Ask for a portfolio and pictures of the previously treated individuals.
  • Price: Choose the provider who doesn’t charge too much or too little.


Cosmetic surgeries like Brazilian Butt lift is a big deal. You need to know how long does Brazilian butt lift last. Do all the research before you opt for the surgery. Take proper care after the surgery to make it last longer.



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